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Hi, my name is Irene Reilly. I have been a clairvoyant for many years and have been in the Falkirk area for the last 20 years. Previously I worked around the central belt of Scotland offering house parties. Readings, healings, and training are now available from my office in Falkirk. I also offer the same services at a venue of your choice in the Forth Valley region. Locations outside that area will be considered but a travel charge may be required. Psychic Thoughts is in-between offices at the moment. Please contact Irene on to arrange a reading in your location.


News And Offers 


Important Update!


I would like to thank so many friends and customers for the continued support over many years.

I am having to request a small price increase which I have not implemented for many years,

although I am doing this I am offering more special offers.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message.


Price increase from 3rd April 2017


1. Psychic Tarot month to month Tarot prediction covering the next 12 months

takes 30 mins on special offer £25 per person not recorded,

feel free to record the reading yourself.

2. Psychic/Spiritual messages with 12 months Tarot prediction

takes up to 1 hour £35 per person

not recorded, feel free to record the reading yourself.

3. Psychic/Spiritual messages, Karma problems, and Full years Tarot,

recorded takes 1hr - 1hr 15 mins on special offer £45 per person

recorded on the day for you to take away.


Phone, email and Skype readings still the same special offer.


House visits now introducing

Larger groups 4-6 people Psychic Tarot 12 months prediction

covering the next months takes 20 mins on special offer £15 not recorded.

Feel free to record the reading yourself.


If Looking for a full reading for a house visit you can have the 1hr plus on special offer £45 per person deposit of £15 time of booking balance on the day.


Text: 07854480412
Email: irene@psychicthoughts.com


Thank you all so much!


I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all that has supported me over many years.

Over the next few weeks I will mainly be offering email, postal and phone readings

limited face-to-face appointments.


Bookings for larger groups/house visits will start again in July 2016.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message.



How To Memorialize A Facebook Account


I hope you don’t mind me sharing this video I made.

Hopefully this could be of help to someone. 

Post By: David Reilly


Home Visits


Evenings Appointments


Readings Available

Psychic/Spiritual with Tarot, takes 45 minutes and costs £30 not recorded. (3 people only)


Special Offers
Psychic Tarot, which is a month to month Tarot prediction covering the next 12 months takes 30 minutes on special offer £20 not recorded. (4 people only)


Other Special Offer
Psychic/Spiritual/Karma + full years tarot takes 1 hour and on special offer for £30 (Recorded)

Spiritual Numerology Workshop

(Foundation Course)


Starting in 2018
Priced £100 per person for Two days
(£20 deposit when booking)
For more details on this workshop please contact Irene
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Psychic Thoughts
Email: Irene@psychicthoughts.com


Personalised Scrolls


New Arrivals
Starting New Job/Business
Your New Home


Information required for the scrolls are the name/s of the person/s and the date of the special event from this I will work out and highlight the strengths and any weakness that can be improved showing the positive pathway forward.

All Scrolls are worked out by myself Irene. I have been a Spiritual/Numerologist for over 15 years. Once I have worked on your scroll I will email it to you before sending the scroll by post (recorded).
Scrolls will be done within 7 days and costs £15 per scroll if more than 1 scroll you will receive 20% discount for the others.


Postage is included in the price within the U.K

Psychic Thoughts
Email: Irene@psychicthoughts.com


Christmas Videos 2015


Another wee video to get you into the Christmas spirit.



It's not just John Lewis that can do Christmas ads hehe.



Charity Event


Irene will be attending Hollie's Charity Party on the 21st of March 2015.


Charity Event

Readings Available


Psychic/Spiritual, which in a combination of linking with spirit receiving Psychic message then ending of the reading with a few tarot cards, take 30 minutes, and will cost £30. Reading will be not be recorded.


Psychic/Spiritual/Karma + Full years’ tarot, this reading is the same as the Psychic/Spiritual, now adding answers to why you are learning certain spiritual Kama, ending off with the next twelve months tarot. Takes 1 hour, costs £40, and is recorded for you.


Psychic Tarot is a months to months tarot prediction covering the next 12 months, it takes 30 minutes and costs £30. Not Recorderd


Tarot Courses


1 2 1 training in the comfort of your home, distant leaning done by Skype training. More details can be sent to you once you complete the contact form and I can get back to you will more details. 

New Psychic Thoughts Promotional Ad!

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Daily Psychic Tarot Predictions

By Email, CD Or By Post

Ideal Present or Gift

Names are being taken for the Daily Psychic Tarot Predictions. This daily prediction starts 1st January 2014 and covers 365 days. These predictions can either be done for yourself, partner, loved one, and friend or work colleague. Ideal present for your staff. All I need is a name and I will work it out the prediction from that.

If you book a daily 12 month prediction please note it will take 3-5 days to be worked out then either emailed, posted or recorded onto a CD for you to keep. The choice is yours.

What’s Available

1 Month daily predictions - £20
3 Month daily predictions - £40
6 Month daily predictions - £70 Special Offer £60
12 Month daily predictions - £100 Special Offer £80

Due to the work involved in these Predictions sorry payment must be made in full before the work is sent out to you.

Email: Irene@psychicthoughts.com

What does the next 12 months hold for you?

You can have a month to month prediction done by Tarot Cards or Rune Readings

Choices available

Email - £10
Postal - £10
Phone - £15

Mobile: 07854480412
Email: Irene@psychicthoughts.com

Gift Vouchers for Sale

Ideal Presents for Someone Special

From £10 upwards you can either pay towards a reading, therapy or training course.

You can purchase on this very website, we can post or deliver them to you

or just pop into or office in Falkirk.

Mobile: 078544804122

Email: Irene@psychicthoughts.com


Looking for an Appointment

Readings are available every day at our office in Falkirk, late night Thursday-Saturday.

If you are looking for a reading you have the choice of


Psychic Tarot month to month for year ahead takes 30 minutes costs £30 and recorded for you
Psychic/Spiritual with a little Tarot, takes 30 minutes costs £30 and recorded for you
Psychic/Spiritual/Karma and full years Tarot takes 1hr. costs £40 and recorded for you
If interested, enquiries and bookings would need to be over the next few hours

Mobile: 078544804122

Email: Irene@psychicthoughts.com

Karma Consultation Special Offer


Karma Consultation Instead of booking me for Psychic/Spiritual readings maybe it's time to get to the bottom of why your life is not what you are looking for. Are you unhappy with yourself, loved ones, your career or just uncertain which pathway to take in life? I will teach you how to understand yourself better and understand why others around you are treating you the way they do. A question you may ask yourself quite a lot is "What was all that about?" Maybe it's time to find out the answer. I can explain it all in a Karma Consultation which takes 30 minutes, costs £20 and is available at my office in Falkirk. One to one meetings, groups, house visits, book me for your special night. You can have a group of ten people for mini Karma readings for £100; it can be a fun day/night of your choice. Bookings are available any day of the week. Contact irene@psychicthoughts.com, phone/text 07854480412